About Us


Awash Construction was established in 2013 in line with the Ethiopian business law and licensed as a general construction firm under the Ministry of Urban Development and Construction to execute construction of roads, bridges, buildings, waterworks and similar works to a broad range of commercial and industrial clients throughout Ethiopia.  

Since then, we have signed and entered in to several contracts for construction of roads, buildings and related works and have successfully completed most of the contracts to the satisfaction of our clients.

Presently, Mr. Lemi Tujo Gurmesa who is also one of the founding members of the company manages our company. The company is structured and organized in such a way to efficiently and effectively handle large-scale construction projects and we have hired senior engineering & construction, personnel & equipment management and finance professionals who have several years of practical experience in business and construction industry. 

As to capability of construction equipment, we have owned several heavy-duty earthmoving equipment and equipment for hauling and pavement works proper for General Contractor GRADE Five (GC-5) contracting firm. 

 Given our financial, equipment and manpower capability and company well-structured to lead the way, and above all, construction experiences we have gained so far; we strongly believe that we are at a level competent enough to handle and accomplish more complex and large scale construction projects. Enclosed herewith are testimonials of our registration, construction experiences, financial standing and equipment ownership, for your kind assessment. 


We understand the value of time in our industry

We practice the highest standard of honesty, truthfulness, reliability and fairness 

We believe that employees are the base for our cusecs.

We consistently focus on high quality service and the application advanced engineering technology tools and methods. 

We strive to do our work with great passion and devotion. 

Quality Control

Quality assurance is achieved through quality control. In order to achieve quality, the staffs assigned to do the job should have the necessary skill and experience to do the works.

Quality control, which is a part of a quality assurance program, is a function that has for years been recognized as the inspection and testing of materials and workmanship to ensure that the work meets the requirements of the specifications.